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Fresh Berries, Jams
Veggies  & More

grown organically on site

Farm Stand is closed for Season

See you in 2023!

Unfortunately, our flock of ducks 

was attacked by a weasel during

the Xmas blizzard.

We are taking a break from raising ducks.




We are a sustainable small scale forest garden centrally located in Wainfleet township (Niagara Region). Turaida means “God's (Thor's) Garden” in Livonian.

We focus on growing unique berries and small fruit, as well as nuts and cut flowers.

Click here to learn about forest gardening. 

Wild Berries


We operate a self-serve stand throughout the spring-summer months.

At the stand, we sell plants, freshly picked produce, cut flowers, and jams made from our berries.


Berries, Nuts, Produce

Along with blackberries and raspberries, we also grow an interesting assortment of less common berries including haskaps, currants, gooseberries, jostaberries, goumi, mulberries, and elderberries.

We also have some young nut trees including hazelnut, hickory, pecan, and heartnut.

Produce including asparagus, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, and snap peas are available seasonally at the roadside stand.

Duck Eggs

We are saddened to say a weasel managed to sneak into our duck house and attack all 10 of our beloved ducks during the blizzard. We discovered the attack on the 23rd and tried to nurse and secure the alive but injured ducks in our solarium, but unfortunately, they all succumbed to their injuries by Christmas eve.

Throughout the 4 years that we have had ducks, we have lost many to predators and keep trying to improve our duck house to keep them secure. Weasels are very adept at sneaking in (aka weaseling) and will attack for fun.

This loss of the entire flock of 10 that we'd grown attached to has made us seriously reassess raising ducks. It's just too heartbreaking when you lose them. So we will be taking a break from ducks for now.

Rest in Peace - Commander Waterford, June, Rita, Janine, Cocoa, Oreo, Cami, Footsie, Bishop, and Cayuga. We'll miss your duckie antics.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 7.07.02 AM.png

Jams & Jellies

We offer many unique jams and jellies at our roadside stand, all created using berries and fruit grown on-site and made using natural fruit pectins.

Examples of fruits used include

  • red, white, black currant

  • gooseberry

  • haskap

  • elderberry

  • blackberry

  • raspberry

  • quince  

Fresh Cut Flowers

We grow many flowers and herbs on the property to benefit our pollinator friends.

Affordable seasonal cut flower bouquets can be bought at the stand most weekends thru the summer.

Bouquets are full of colourful blossoms and greens such as zinnia, celosia, mint, sunflower, iris, and more.


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