Fresh Picked Berries

Cut Flowers  & More

grown organically on site

Roadside stand is now OPEN daily 10-6

In Season:

  • Red, White, and Black Currants

  • Cut Flowers

  • Jams/Jellies

  • Swiss Chard

31826 Hwy 3 Wainfleet - map at bottom 



 We are a sustainable small scale forest garden centrally located in Wainfleet township (Niagara Region). Turaida means “God's (Thor's) Garden” in Livonian.

Click here to learn about forest gardening. 

Wild Berries


We operate a self-serve self-serve stand thru out the spring - fall months.

At the stand we sell plants, fresh picked produce, cut flowers,

as well as jams and jellies made from our berries.

We can also be found at local Farmers' Markets in the Niagara Region


Berries, Nuts, Produce

We grow an interesting assortment of unusual berries including haskaps, currants, gooseberries, goumi, and elderberries.

We also have some young nut trees including hazelnut, hickory, pecan, and heartnut.

Produce including asparagus, swiss chard, heirloom tomatoes, and snap peas are available seasonally at the road side stand.

Duck Eggs

Our small flock of ducks is a fixture on the property. We allow them to roam free during the day eating a rich foraged diet.

The eggs are large and packed with nutrients such as vitamins B12, A,  and omega 3 fatty acids.


Their delicious eggs are offered at our farm stand when available.


Fresh Cut Flowers

We grow many flowers and herbs on the property to help our pollinator friends. 

Fresh cut seasonal bouquets are available at the farm stand regularly thru out the growing season


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