WELCOME to Turaida Forest Garden 

See You in 2021

Fingers crossed, we hope to have our farm stand open next Spring and participate in some Farmer's Markets. 

We are an independently owned and operated, emerging, sustainable small scale business. Turaida Forest Garden is a temperate forest garden project in Wainfleet, in the Niagara Region. Turaida means “God's (Thor's) Eden” in a dormant language. We grow common and rare varieties of flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicinal plants, native trees, and shrubs. We grow early, middle and late cultivars to extend our product availability. All of our products are grown on site, as part of our forest garden project. Turaida forest garden is a multidisciplinary project that intentionally uses contrasting forms to enhance the edge effects of mixing several media, similar to contrasting colors.











            Daffodils and Tulips, Glass Mosaic (M White)


Under the Articles section of this website, we explore introductory topics in forest gardening with discussions on design texts and practices, materials and tools. Your comments and feedback options are welcome through our contact page above. We ask for your patience as we improve the interactive layout of this site. Our goal is to share the background and provide context to understand the project.


Thanks to the West Lincoln Library for hosting our discussions this past January. Click the article link here to read more on the health benefits of forest gardening in more detail. Forest gardening provides higher yields over an extended season with its long-lived perennials, as well as adding more variety and nutrient density to the diet.


Additionally, forest gardens offer protection from UV radiation under the canopy, easy access at your doorstep to exercise of differing intensities,and a broader range of flexibility motions. The use of vertical space allows ergonomic positions to maintain our naturally upright body posture. 

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